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MR&T 2011 Post Flood Report completed

MR&T Post Flood Report

The MR&T Post Flood Evaluation was largely executed from August 2011 through December 2012 as a concentrated effort to investigate and document the performance of the MR&T system and how the entire Mississippi River Watershed was managed as a system during the historic Mississippi River Basin Flood Event that extended from March through July 2011.  The purpose of this evaluation was to (1) assess MR&T system performance, (2) identify and prioritize recapitalization requirements for system components necessary to repair the MR&T system for future events, and  (3) assess effectiveness or areas of improvement for water control communication and coordination across the watershed.   The resulting documents will be a valuable resource for system management, operation and improvements.  They will also serve as a reference guides for future flood risk management.

With over 1.5 years of intensive data collection, evaluation, writing and review, three key documents were produced as part of the MR&T Post Flood Evaluation.  These documents are intended to serve as educational tools and reference points for our citizens, decision makers and future flood fighters. Facts, figures and lessons learned from the 2011 flood serve to hasten and guide our endeavors to rebuild and improve the MR&T project, ensuring continued safety and security of our citizen’s lives and livelihoods.

2012 Flood Season Preparedness and Emergency Response Summary


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APRIL 2012: a 50-page handbook entitled “2012 Flood Season Preparedness and Emergency Response Summary.” This document was developed to capture in general terms, the efforts the Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) took to manage and mitigate risks associated with the great flood of 2011 and in preparation for the next flood event. This handbook was designed as a useful tutorial for a number of innovative mapping products and web-based tools available to educate, inform and elicit action with respect to inherent flood risks following one on the largest flood events on record. Intended Audience: Flood Risk Management Professionals, Decision Makers and Flood Fighters. 


MR&T 2011 Post Flood Report

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DECEMBER 2012: a 350 page technical document entitled MR&T 2011 Post Flood Report: Documenting the 2011 Flood, the Corps’ Response, and the performance of the MR&T System.” A series of ten Appendices provide several thousand pages of supporting data and documentation that are available by request on CD. This comprehensive internal technical assessment evaluates the performance of individual MR&T System components and how well the individual components were utilized and operated as a system to manage the complex set of risks presented by the 2011 Flood. The report concludes with recommendations for improvements and future studies to aid MR&T recovery efforts and future system operation, management, and flood fight activities.  Intended Audience: Flood Risk Management Professionals, Decision Makers and Flood Fighters. Due to the size and printing cost of the report it is only available on CD from your nearest Corps of Engineers District office or the Mississippi Valley Division Public Affairs Office.

Table of Contents (broken down by section for faster downloading)

I. Introduction (28.9 KB)
II. Mississippi River & Tributaries Project (827 KB)
III. The 2011 Flood (2.17 MB)
IV. MR&T Operation and Emergency Activities (3.42 MB)
V. Areas Flooded, Flood Damages and Flood Damages Prevented (3.94 MB)
VII. Summary and Conclusions (74.2 KB)
VIII. Interagency Recovery Task Force (95.8 KB)
IX. Recommendations  (286 KB)


Room for the River

DECEMBER 2012: a 32 page summary document entitled “Room for the River” provides a colorful series of images and condensed narratives on intriguing facts, figures and lessons learned from the 2011 flood experience and evaluation. The document focuses in on key themes and hot topics surrounding the 2011 Flood and Recovery. Intended Audience: Community/State/Federal Leaders, Congressionals, Media and General Public. To request a hard copy contact your closest Corps of Engineers District or the Mississippi Valley Division Public Affairs Office.

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