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US Army Corps of Engineers
Mississippi Valley Division Website

Section 32 - Streambank Erosion Control Evaluation and Demonstration

SECTION 32 Program: Streambank Erosion Control Evaluation and Demonstration (funded by Office, Chief of Engineers, USACE HQ). These documents are available through the ERDC Library interlibrary loan program.

“Evaluation of Existing Bank Protection: Field Inspection of Sites in St. Paul and Rock Island Districts,” M.P. Keown, Work Unit 2, Inspection Report 2, November 1977.

“Hydraulic Research: Model Demonstration of the Effects of Propeller Wash on the Bed of an Alluvial River,” S.T. Maynord, Work Unit 3, Research Report 1, November 1977.

“Research on Soil Stability and Identification of Causes of Streambank Erosion; Investigation of a Grid for Bank Protection,” A.C. Spivey Jr. and C.R. Styron III, Work Unit 4, Investigation Report 3, November 1979