Special Hiring Initiatives

Career Internship Opportunities

Executive Order 13562 established the “Pathways” program as of July 10, 2012, which consists of the following:

Internship Program - The Pathways Internship Program is for current students and replaces the existing SCEP and STEP. Participants will be referred to as “interns” and must be enrolled in qualifying institutions, as determined by OPM.  Interns must have meaningful work experience and agencies must set clear expectations regarding their work experience.

Recent Graduates Program – This program is intended to promote careers with the Federal government by providing individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying education institutions or programs with developmental experiences in the Federal Government.  Participants will be referred to as “recent graduates” and must have obtained a qualifying degree, or completed a qualifying career or technical education program, as determined by OPM, within the preceding 2 years, except for veterans who due to military service obligations, must be appointed within 6 years of obtaining a qualifying degree or completing a qualifying program. 

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program – This program is applicable to individuals from a variety of academic disciplines at the graduate level.  Participants will continue to be known as PMFs or Fellows and must have received, within the preceding 2 years, a qualifying advanced degree.

For more information: http://www.opm.gov/hiringreform/pathways/

For additional information about USACE employment or to find out more about the USACE mission, please visit http://www.usace.army.mil/employment.