Readiness and Contingency Operations

The Mississippi Valley Division’s Readiness and Contingency Operations office is engaged in planning, training and response activities for natural disasters, national emergencies and civil support. Specifically, MVD's RCO executes Corps authorities for:

  • Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies including inspecting federal levees and qualifying non-federal levees and floodfight authorities.
  • National Emergency Preparedness Program.

In addition, the MVD RCO supports the Corps’ role as lead for the Emergency Support Function 3 (ESF #3) under the National Response Framework through the preparation (readiness) and deployment of Corps volunteers during federally declared disasters.

Typical ESF#3 assistance provided by the Corps of Engineers includes the following:

  • Needs Assessments:  Participation in damage/needs assessments.
  • Temporary Power:  Provision of emergency power to critical public facilities.
  • Drinking Water:  Management and emergency contracting to support public health and safety by providing potable water to disaster victims.
  • Debris Management:  Emergency debris clearance as well as removal and disposal management of debris from public property.
  • Emergency Infrastructure Assessments:  Assessments of damaged streets, bridges, ports, waterways, airfields and other facilities necessary for emergency access to disaster victims.
  • Critical Public Facility Restorations:  Emergency restoration of critical public facilities (including temporary restoration of water supplies and wastewater treatment systems)
  • Demolition / Structural Stabilization:  Emergency demolition or stabilization of damaged structures and facilities.
  • Technical Assistance:  Technical assistance including inspection of private residential structures and commercial structures.