St. Anthony Falls Reports

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory Reports Related to Mississippi River Potamology

“Study of Methods Used in Measurement and Analysis of Sediment Loads in Streams,” M.E. Nelson and P.C. Benedict, Report E, Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project, 1946. Available through ERDC Library.

“Project Report 21, Mississippi Revetment Studies,” Saint Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, June 1951. (Read Report)

“Project Report 28, Mississippi Revetment Studies – Tests on Double Layer of Articulated Concrete Mattress,” Saint Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, May 1952. (Read Report)

“Report No. 14, Determination of Fluvial Sediment Discharge,” Saint Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory; Subcommittee on Sedimentation, Interagency Committee on Water Resources, 1963. Available through ERDC Library.