Mississippi River Commission Speaker Guidance

Information on Public Meeting Statements for the Mississippi River Commission

Testimony to the Mississippi River Commission (MRC):
If you plan to make a statement during the public meeting, please note this on your registration form. We require a black and white copy of your statement be provided to the Commission staff as you enter the public hearing room. The copy of the statement should be signed by you and include your name, organization and full address. Note: the Commission responds to written statements after the Inspection Trip is completed. Please try to limit the time for your statement at the meeting to allow everyone the opportunity to speak.

The Commission asks that verbal testimony be limited to five minutes as a courtesy to other presenters wishing to testify. To this end, it is recommended you summarize the main points of your testimony, which the Commission will review in its entirety after the public hearing. Please be sure to focus your time on the important messages you wish to convey to the Commission. In many instances, the Commission members will ask follow-up questions and the time answering those questions will not count against your five-minute limit.

Testimony for the Record to the Mississippi River Commission (MRC):
Same as above. Note, the Commission responds to written statements after the Inspection Trip is completed.

Video/audio Capability:
The Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI is equipped for electronic presentations, if required for your Statement. If your presentation is computer bases, the presentation should be compatible with the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint. You will need to provide a CD-ROM or external hard drive containing the presentation to the support technician on board the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI no later than one hour prior to the start of the public meeting. If possible, we recommend you email an advance copy of your presentation to Edie Whittington, at edie.whittington@usace.army.mil at least one day before the public meeting. Also, please bring a backup copy of the presentation with you in case it is needed, as well as a text version in black and white for the record of the meeting.