Work for USACE

We are actively hiring talented and motivated US citizens in our offices in the US and around the world.  Current job openings can be found on OPM's USAJOBS website.  Open positions may include the following mission critical occupations:

  • General Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences series (0401)
  • Engineering Technical series (0802)
  • Construction Control Technical series (0809)
  • Civil Engineering series (0810)
  • Mechanical Engineering series (0830)
  • Electrical Engineering series (0850)
  • Contract Specialist series (1102)
  • Realty series (1170)
  • Lock and Dam Operating series (5426)

Civilian Occupations

 Below is a representative sample of USACE civilian occupations in our offices across the U.S. and around the world.

Civil Engineers Mechanical Engineers Electrical Engineers
Environmental Engineers Chemical Engineers Structural Engineers
Biologists Project Engineers Engineering Technicians
Construction Control Reps Architects Survey Technicians
Realty Specialists Lock and Dam Operators Contract Speciali

Sample Salary Ranges*:

GS-5:   $33,400 - $43,400 GS-7:   $41,300 - $53,700
GS-9:   $50,600 - $65,700 GS-11:  $61,200 - $79,500
GS-12:  $73,300 - $95,300 GS-13:  $95,300 - $113,400

*Note: Above salary ranges are based on the 2018 General Schedule salary table for the Rest of U.S.  Actual amounts will vary by locality pay area.