Old River Control Complex-Red River Landing

The development of a comprehensive ORCC/Morganza Delft3D numerical model  will enable assessment of hydrodynamic and sedimentation processes. This effort will build on the modeling effort recently conducted by ERDC which included ADH and CH3D model studies. This 3D model will be used to assess project effectiveness and future sustainability, especially in terms of sedimentation in the channels of the ORCC. The need for physical models, non-hydrostatic model investigations and additional 3D CFD models to evaluate structure performance and structural means that would need to be performed to reduce risk of low sill structure failure will be assessed.  Model studies will include assessment of the river and channels under various operational schemes, and evaluation of effectiveness of structural and operational alternatives.

 Such a model will allow studies including

  •  Depth averaged hydrodynamic only studies of the operational impacts between the various structures
  •  Operation of the Overbank Structure and investigation of the staggered panel configuration would be investigated, i.e., what are the effects of staggered panel prior to flood, if no operation is needed?
  •   3D sigma stretched hydrodynamic studies
  •   Depth averaged morphology studies of the model domain
  •   3D sigma stretched morphology studies including investigation of structural measures to achieve channel equilibrium and effectiveness of erosion protection measures
  •   3D Z-level non-hydrostatic model investigations (not included in this work plan)