Presentations - Freshwater Diversion Workshop, February, 2011


Presentation 1.  James W. Pahl.  Summary of Past and Future Diversion-Related Activities of the LCA Science Board.

Presentation 2. Barbara A. Kleiss.  Lousiana Coastal Area Science and Technology Office.

Presentation 3. Richard C. Raynie.   Louisiana’s Perspective on River Diversions for Coastal Protection & Restoration.

Presentation 4. Cathy Tortorici and Buck Sutter. Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Restoration Task Force:  Status and Next Steps.

Presentation 5. Denise J. Reed. Maintaining Marsh Elevation in the Face of Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise: Past to Present. 

Presentation 6. John R. White and Ronald D. DeLaune.  Factors Determining Marsh Soil and Vegetation Response : General Overview.

Presentation 7. Karen L. McKee. Biophysical Controls on Marsh Elevation and Response to Environmental Change.

Presentation 8.  Christopher M. Swarzenski.  Characteristics of Marshes Targeted by Freshwater Diversions.

Presentation 9. John W. Day.  Scales of Riverine Input to Coastal Wetlands in Louisiana: Implications for Diversion Management.

Presentation 10.  R. Eugene Turner.  Diversions, Assumptions and Data.

Presentation 11. Erik F. Peterson, D. Elaine Evers, Charles E. Sasser, Guerry O. Holm, Jr. Contrasting the Historical Stability of Wetlands Exposed to Mississippi River Water.

Presentation 12. Jenneke M. Visser and Charles E. Sasser.  The Effect of Nitrogen on Marsh Vegetation Biomass and Herbivores:  Implications for Freshwater Diversions.

Presentation 13.  Mark W. Hester and Kimberly Fisher.  Effect of Salinity Encroachment and Nutrient Loading on Plant Community Change and Sustainability of Thick-Mat Floating Marsh

Presentation 14. Jaye E. Cable and Erick Swenson. Realities of Natural vs. Artificial River Sediment Delivery to Coastal Wetlands.

Presentation 15.  Gregg A. Snedden and Greg Steyer.  Vegetation Community Shifts in Upper Breton Sound: Possible Influences of the Caernarvon Diversion and Wetland Hydroperiod.

Presentation 16. J. Andy Nyman. Effects of Salinity and Nutrients on Plant Growth and Soils in Louisiana Coastal Marshes.

 Presentation 17. Christopher J. Schulz, Julianna Isaac, Gary W. Childers. Alkalinity and nutrient impacts on a freshwater marsh: theory, experiments and observations.

Presentation 18.  Sean Graham and Irv Mendelssohn. Does Nutrient Enrichment Affect Surface Elevation Change in a Low Salinity Coastal Marsh?