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LCA Science Board

The Science Board, as part of the Science and Technology (S&T) Program, ensured the application of world-class science to the Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration Plan (LCA Plan) by providing national perspective and oversight of general scientific processes and structure of the LCA Program in support of the Program Management Team (PMT) and the S&T Program Director. The specific charge of the Science Board was to:

  • Understand and improve the technical underpinnings of the LCA Program
  • Review the structure and operations of the LCA S&T Program
  • Review and improve the processes for integrating the S&T Program activities

Science Board members were agents for facilitating communication between the Project Management Team (PMT) and the scientific and technical community. Board members possess the highest level of expertise and stature so that their advice is respected by the public, scientists, agency technicians, staff and management. Board members also had the ability to sustain a balanced view of issues. The Science Board members provided insights on how to improve credibility and clarity regarding LCA issues, as well as how to better connect science and management. The Science Board was directed by the U.S. Geological Survey, specifically Dr. Dawn Lavoie, Science Coordinator, Gulf Coast and LMV and Mr. Jim Stefanov, Deputy Regional Executive: South Central Area.  Board members included:


    • Dr. Peter Goodwin, Chair
      College of Engineering, Center of Ecohydraulic Research
      University of Idaho
    • Dr. Joseph Fernando
      Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
      University of Notre Dame
    • Dr. John Wells
      Dean of the School of Marine Science and Director
      Virginia Institute of Marine Science
    •  Dr. G. Ronnie Best
      Coordinator, Greater Everglades Science Program
      USGS; University of Florida/IFAS
      Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center
    •  Dr. Robert Dean
      Deptartment of Civil and Coastal Engineering
      University of Florida
    • Dr. Robert P. Brooks
      Director, Riparia
      Pennsylvania State University
    •  Dr. Stephen Brandt
      Director, Oregon Sea Grant Program
      Oregon State University
    • Dr. Susan Cutter
      Carolina Distinguished Professor of Geography Director
      Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
      University of South Carolina
    • Dr. John Teal
      Scientist Emeritus
      Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    •  Dr. Don Boesch, Past Chair
      President, Center for Environmental Science
      University of Maryland
    • Dr. George Tanner
      Dept. of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
      University fo Florida
    • Dr. Connor Bailey
      Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
      Auburn University