LCA Science & Technology Program Projects

An Analysis of the Role of Coastal Landscape Features in Storm Surge and Wave Reduction
Analysis of Pontchartrain Estuary Water Quality as Impacted by Opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway
Application of Long Distance Conveyance of Dredged Material to Habitat Restoration
Atlas of Historic Daily Tide Data in South Louisiana
Barrier Island Comprehensive Monitoring (BICM)
Breton Sound Estuary Post-Hurricane Characterization & Recovery Assessment
Chenier Plain Water and Sediment Model Development
Coastal Louisiana Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration (CLEAR) Framework Refinement
Coastwide Conceptual Ecological Model Development
Data Report for Future Water Quality
Evaluation of a Method for Measuring Lateral Obscuration of Coastal Marsh Vegetation in Louisiana
Geomorphic Assessment for Pass a Loutre and South Pass
Inventory of Numerical Models Applied to the Louisiana Coastal Zone
Lessons Learned from the Operation of Freshwater Diversions in South Louisiana
Louisiana Coastal Area (LCA) Data Management Strategies
Louisiana Coastal Subsidence Workshop
Louisiana Coastwide Hurricane Impact Assessment
Louisiana Coastwide Hurricane Impact Assessment Task 1: Hurricane Influences on Vegetation Community Change in Coastal Louisiana
Louisiana Coastwide Hurricane Impact Assessment Task 2: Geomorphic and Ecological Effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Coastal Louisiana Marsh Communities
Louisiana Coastwide Hurricane Impact Assessment Task 3: Land Area Changes in Coastal Louisiana After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Louisiana Coastwide Hurricane Impact Assessment Task 4: Vegetation Types in Coastal Louisiana in 2007
Louisiana Coastwide Hurricane Impact Assessment Task 5: Monitoring Vegetation Response to Episodic Disturbance Events by Using Multitemporal Vegetation Indices
Measurement and Analysis of Water Sediment Transport in the Mississippi River from Myrtle Grove to Venice during Low Flow
Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Water Quality Monitoring
Mississippi River Sediment Availability Study
One-Dimensional Sediment Transport Modeling of the Lower Mississippi River
Potential for Introduction of Invasive Plant Species from Illinois River Dredged Material
Regional Sediment Management Program: Louisiana eCoastal Geographic Information System
River Diversion Induced Shoaling
Sea-Level Rise in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Sediment Transport Modeling Tools for the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers
Thin Layer Disposal of Dredged Sediment
Trend Analysis and Technote for the Atchafalaya River Delta and the Wax Lake Outlet Delta
Vertical Accretion Rates Coastal Louisiana Marshes