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 MVD Offices

Civil Works
The Civil Works programs include water resource development activities including flood risk management, navigation, recreation, hydropower, environmental stewardship and emergency response.


Provides comprehensive contracting and acquisition solutions in times of peace, war and disaster for the Mississippi Valley Division and its partners.


Army Corps of Engineers – Information Technology
Serves as the Mississippi Valley Division Chief Information Officer and provides executive leadership for the division’s information management program.


Office of Counsel
Serves as counselors to decision makers and plays a critical role in the planning and execution of Mississippi Valley Division projects.


Readiness and Contigency Operations
Each year, the Mississippi Valley Division sends myriad employees to respond to disasters around the world. In any disaster, the division’s top three priorities are: Support immediate emergency response priorities; sustain lives with critical commodities, temporary emergency power and other needs; and, initiate recovery efforts by assessing and restoring critical infrastructure.


Engineering and Construction
Provides Mississippi Valley Division staff support and directs the technical aspects of engineering, construction management, environmental protection and restoration, operations, maintenance and repair activities of MVD missions throughout the Mississippi River valley.


The Mississippi Valley Division supports or manages numerous environmental initiatives including Ecosystem Restoration, Formerly Used Defense Sites, Environmental Stewardship, support to EPA Superfund and Brownfields programs, Abandoned Mine Lands, Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program and Regulatory. The division’s environmental programs support the warfighter and military installations worldwide as well as the MVD’s public recreation facilities throughout the Mississippi River valley.


Office of Diversity and Leadership
Manages and directs the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Employment and Diversity Programs for the Commander, Mississippi Valley Division.


Collects, documents, interprets, disseminates, and preserves the history and heritage of the Mississippi Valley Division.

Human Resources
Exercises Mississippi Valley Division command policy guidance and staff supervision on division civilian personnel program.


Provides the full spectrum of support from peacetime to contingency planning and response, mobilization, wartime, humanitarian operations and disaster relief.


Real Estate
Acquires, manages and disposes of real estate for the Mississippi Valley Division; executes specialized programs; provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners; and performs unique contingency capabilities.


Resource Management
Responsible for the implementation of policies and processes required to justify, defend and manage the Mississippi Valley Division’s financial and staffing resources. 


Safety & Occupational Health
Provides policy, programs, technical services, oversight and outreach related to safety and occupational health matters in support of the Mississippi Valley Division’s missions.


Small Business
Assists developing small businesses by maximizing their opportunities to participate in the Mississippi Valley Division’s procurements, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable suppliers to support the division’s mission and strengthen the valley’s economic development.