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Past MRC Members



Bvt. BG Cyrus B. Comstock U.S. Army 1879-1895
Benjamin Harrison (Indiana) Civilian 1879-1881
James B. Eads (Missouri) Civilian Engineer 1879-1883
Henry Mitchell U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1879-1888
Bvt. MG Quincy A. Gillmore U.S. Army 1879-1888
Bvt. BG Charles R. Suter U.S. Army 1879-1896
Benjamin M. Harrod (Louisiana) Civilian Engineer 1879-1904
Robert S. Taylor (Indiana) Civilian 1881-1914
Samuel W. Ferguson (Mississippi) Civilian Engineer 1883-1890
George Davidson U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1888-1890
Lt. Col. Oswald H. Ernst U.S. Army 1888-1894
Henry L. Whiting U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1890-1897
Henry Flad (Missouri) Civil Engineer 1890-1898
Lt. Col. Amos Stickney U.S. Army 1894-1901
MAJ Thomas Handbury U.S. Army 1896-1902
Henry L. Marindin U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1897-1904
John A. Ockerson (Missouri) Civilian Engineer 1898-1924
Lt. Col. Henry M. Adams U.S. Army 1901-1904
MAJ Thomas Casey U.S. Army 1902-1906
Lt. Col. Clinton B. Sears U.S. Army 1904-1906
Henry B. Richardson (Louisiana) Civilian Engineer 1904-1909
Homer P. Ritter U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1904-1919
Lt. Col. James L. Lusk U.S. Army 1906-1906
Col. William T. Rossell U.S. Army 1906-1913
Colonel William T. Rossell, Member, MRC, 1906-1913
Col. James G. Warren U.S. Army 1906-1919
Charles H. West (Mississippi) Civilian Engineer 1910-1933
Col. Curtis McDonald Townsend U.S. Army 1911-1920
Col. Lansing H. Beach U.S. Army 1913-1920
Edward A. Glenn (Missouri) Civilian 1914-1923
Robert L. Faris U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1919-1932
Col. Mason M. Patrick U.S. Army 1919-1920
Col. Harry Burgess U.S. Army 1920-1922
Colonel Harry Burgess, Member, MRC, 1920-1922.
Col. Herbert Deakyne U.S. Army 1920-1920
Lt. Col. Gustave R. Lukesh U.S. Army 1921-1925
Col. George M. Hoffman U.S. Army 1922-1927
Jerome O. Christie (Illinois) Civilian 1923-1926
Edward Flad (Missouri) Civilian Engineer 1924-1950
Col. Charles W. Kutz U.S. Army 1925-1928
John W. Stipes (Illinois) Civilian 1926-1930
Col. Edward H. Schulz U.S. Army 1927-1929
Col. Ernest Graves (retired) U.S. Army 1928-1953
Lt. Col. Jarvis J. Bain U.S. Army 1929-1930
Lawrence A. Glenn (Illinois) Civilian 1930-1933
Col. George R. Spalding U.S. Army 1930-1935
RADM Leo O. Colbert U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1933-1956
Col. Francis B. Wilby U.S. Army 1935-1938
Members of the MRC onboard the steamer Mississippi in Memphis during the May 1947 high-water inspection trip.  The members from left to right are:  Colonel Ernest Graves, retired; Albert L. Culbertson; Colonel Clark Kittrell; Edward Flad; Harry N. Pharr; and Major General Robert W. Crawford, President.
Harry N. Pharr (Arkansas) Civilian Engineer 1935-1947
Albert L. Culbertson (Illinois) Civilian 1935-1954
Col. Roger G. Powell U.S. Army 1938-1941
Col. Malcolm Elliott U.S. Army 1941-1946
Col. Clark Kittrell U.S. Army 1946-1950
DeWitt L. Pyburn (Louisiana) Civilian Engineer 1948-1968
BG Don G. Shingler U.S. Army 1950-1952
Eugene F. Salisbury (Missouri) Civilian Engineer 1950-1965
BG Herbert D. Vogel U.S. Army 1952-1954
BG Charles G. Holle U.S. Army 1954-1955
Egbert A. Smith (Illinois) Civilian 1954-1956
BG William E. Potter U.S. Army 1954-1956
Col. John L. Person U.S. Army 1955-1956
BG Paul D. Berrigan U.S. Army 1956-1957
BG Lyle E. Seeman U.S. Army 1956-1958
Harry L. Bolen (Illinois) Civilian 1956-1961
Mr. Tom Gibson of Friars Point, Miss., (standing) addresses the Members of the Mississippi River Commission during a public hearing aboard the steamer Mississippi in May 1954.  Sitting from left to right are:  Brigadier General Herbert D. Vogel; Rear Admiral Leo O. Colbert; Brigadier General John R. Hardin, President; Albert L. Culbertson; and Eugene F. Salisbury.
The members of the Mississippi River Commission in 1966.  From left to right are:  Maj. Gen. George H. Walker; Harold T. Council; Dewitt Pybum; Maj. Gen. Ellsworth I. Davis, President; Colonel Joe Clema (stanting), Secretary; Vice Admiral H. Arnold Karo; Brigadier General Walter P. Leber; and Dr. Frederick H. Kellogg.
RADM H. Arnold Karo (retired) U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1956-1966
MG Gerald E. Galloway U.S. Army 1958-1958
MG Keith R. Barney U.S. Army 1958-1960
BG William W. Lapsley U.S. Army 1958-1961
BG William R. Shuler U.S. Army 1960-1962
BG Jackson Graham U.S. Army 1961-1963
Harold T. Council (Mississippi) Civilian 1961-1977
BG Carroll H. Dunn U.S. Army 1962-1964
BG Robert F. Seedlock U.S. Army 1963-1963
BG Walter P. Leber U.S. Army 1963-1967
MG George H. Walker U.S. Army 1964-1967
Dr. Frederick H. Kellog (TN) Civilian Engineer 1965-1974
RADM James C. Tison (retired) U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey 1967-1968
BG William T. Bradley U.S. Army 1967-1968
MG Willard Roper U.S. Army 1967-1974
BG C. Craig Cannon U.S. Army 1968-1969
MG Clarence C. Haug U.S. Army 1968-1969
Roy T. Sessums (Louisiana) Civilian Engineer 1968-1984
RADM Don A. Jones National Oceanic Survey 1968-1972
MG Harold R. Parfit U.S. Army 1970-1975
RADM Adam L. Powell National Oceanic Survey 1972-1979
BG Wayne S. Nichols U.S. Army 1974-1975
W. Richard Hall (Tennessee) Civilian Engineer 1974-1979
BG Charles I. McGinnis U.S. Army 1975-1977
MG Elvin R. Heiberg, III U.S. Army 1976-1979
BG William R. Read U.S. Army 1977-1979
James W. Yancy (Arkansas) Civilian 1978-1979
MG Richard L. Harris U.S. Army 1979-1980
MG Louis W. Prentiss, Jr. U.S. Army 1979-1981
The members of the Mississippi River Commission onboard the motor vessel Mississippi in 1984.  From left to right are:  Rear Adm. John D. Bossier; Brigadier Gen. Richard S. Kem; Sam E. Angel; Maj. Gen. William E. Read, President; R. D. James; Brigadier Gen. Jerone B. Hilmes; and Colonel Yore, Secretary.
Sam E. Angel (Arkansas) Civilian 1979-
R.D. James (Missouri) Civilian Engineer 1981-2018
MG Hugh Robinson U.S. Army 1981-1983
BG Richard S. Kem U.S. Army 1981-1985
RADM Herbert R. Lippold National Oceanic Survey 1982-1983
BG Jerome B. Hilmes U.S. Army 1983-1988
RADM John D. Bossler Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm. 1984-1986
BG Robert J. Dacey U.S. Army 1985-1987
Frank H. Walk (Louisiana) Civilian Engineer 1987-1998
BG Charles E. Edgar U.S. Army 1987-1990
RADM Wesley V. Hull Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm. 1988-1990
BG Gerald E. Galloway, Jr. U.S. Army 1988-1995
BG Paul Y. Chinen U.S. Army 1990-1992
RADM J. Austin Yeager Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm. 1991-1995
BG Albert J. Genetti, Jr. U.S. Army 1992-1997
RADM John C. Albright Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm. 1995-1999
BG Hans Van Winkle U.S. Army 1997-1999
William Clifford Smith (LA) Civilian Engineer 1998-2012
BG Robert Griffin U.S. Army 1998-2001
RADM Nicholas A. Prahl Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm. 1999-2004
BG Carl A. Strock U.S. Army 1998-2001
BG Steven R. Hawkins U.S. Army 2001-2005
BG David Fastabend U.S. Army 2001-2003
BG William T. Grisoli U.S. Army 2003-2005
RADM Samuel P. De Bow, JR Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm. 2004-2007
BG Bruce A. Berwick U.S. Army 2005-2008
BG Gregg F. Martin U.S. Army 2005-2008
RADM Jonathan W. Bailey Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm 2007-2012
BG William E. Rapp U.S. Army 2008-2009
MG John W. Peabody U.S. Army 2008-2011
BG John R.McMahon U.S. Army 2009-2012
BG Margaret Burcham U.S. Army


RDML Gerd Glang Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm.  2012-2016 
BG Anthony Funkhouser U.S. Army 2012-2013 
Norma Jean Mattei Civilian Engineer  2012- 
BG John S. Kem U.S. Army 2013-2015
BG Richard G. Kaiser U.S. Army 2014-2016
BG David C. Hill U.S. Army 2015-2017
BG R. Mark Toy U.S. Army 2016-
RDML Shepard Smith Nat. Oceanic & Atmosph. Adm.


 BG Paul E. Owen U.S. Army 2017-
* Nominee