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US Army Corps of Engineers
Mississippi Valley Division Website



Our Mississippi Archive: Winter 2010 - Present









   Winter 2010

  • Saving Lake Pepin
  • Mississipppi a model for Yangtze
  • Peoria Lake Project
  • Flood repairs lead to archeological find
  • Eagle time









Spring 2010 

  • Camping with the Corps
  • Standardizing lock designs
  • River commerce
  • Birding on the flyway
  • Protecting land, water and people in the basin
  • Have your say









Summer 2010 

  • One with the river
  • Modern Huck Finns
  • 'Middle Coast' visionary
  • Asian carp
  • Trash Man of the Mississippi
  • Water Safety


Fall 2010

  • Forest forever?
  • Mississippi River wetland recognizd
  • Focus on Navigation
  • Arch Adviser


Winter 2011

  • Navigating a river of ice
  •  Report card on locks and dams
  •  Return of the river otter
  •  Lake Red Rock drawdown

Spring 2011

  • Holding an invasion at bay
  • The Corps' volunteers 
  • Racing the clock to rebuild New Orleans 
  • Restoration on Lower Mississippi



Summer 2011

  • Great Flood of '11
  • Facebook key in flood fight
  • Mississippi watershed initiative
  • Partnering to save the coast
  • Going to bat for bats
  • Bonkers for Birds



Fall 2011

  • Laying the groundwork
  • Safety team ranks damage, begins repair
  • Ancient relics complicate construction
  • Tools reduce flooding impacts
  • Upper Mississippi and more flood protection?
  • Meet the Generals


Winter 2012

  • Flocking to Riverlands
  • 100-yr storm defense system complete
  • Army's oldest dredge creates wildlife habitat
  • Wear a fur, save a marsh?
  • Pioneering the restoration of big rivers
  • Full steam ahead!


Spring 2012

  • A Commission with a River Mission
  • Meander the Mississippi River - Safely
  • Paying it forward
  • Laid to rest




Summer 2012

  • Panama Promise
  • Gator-Aid
  • Luck with Locks and Army Doctors
  • My Life in Anoka, Minnesota
  • Educators invited to inaugural Our Mississippi curriculum training on river



Fall 2012

  • What's a treasured river worth?
  • Cities turn their faces to the river
  • 10 river species worth saving
  • An America treaure
  • A river we drink
  • "Last River Rat" shares river's lessons


Winter 2013

  • Battling Drought
  • Leading the Vision
  • Theodore Roosevelt (IV) takes to the river
  • 'Life Purpose' leads to coveted seat on Mississippi River Commission
  • Operation Mussel Rescue
  • Read along the River


Spring 2013

  •  A river's-worth of teachable moments
  • Don't call them 'spoils'
  • 'Tom and Huck' float the river, Ivy League-style
  • Advancing the science of Asian carp detection
  • River mayors put the Mississippi center stage
  • The Invisible Invertebrate


Fall 2013

  • Emergency responders travel wherever help is needed
  • Are climate swings the "new normal?"
  • Pirates of the Mississippi
  • Handing off the baton
  • Recover news worth trumpeting



  Our Mississippi, Winter 2014

Winter 2014

  • The Mayo Clinic of the Mississippi?
  • Tribal Culture takes center stage in innovative restoration partnership
  • Exporting river science to the world yields benefits for all
  • Counting Carp
  • States weigh in on the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program
  • How's that new winter home, little fish?
  • The flight, flooding and island fun 


Spring 2014 Our Mississippi

Spring 2014

  • Aging Infrastructure still pulls its weight
  • Mayoral River Initiative
  • Rare T. Rex
  • The Rise of the Trumpeter Swan


 Summer 2014 Our Mississippi







Summer 2014

  • Engineering Ecosystem Resoration: A Partnership Approach
  • The Role of the Ensley Engineer Yard
  • The Face of the Corps
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Director Honors U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Collaborative Conservation Action
  • Think Safety Before You Go On or In the Water 

Fall 2014 Our Mississippi        

Fall 2014

  • Preventing Flood Damage along the Mississippi River
  • Adventures Advance Educational Themes Along the Mississippi River
  • Surveying Bats
  • Working Together to Build a Better Bird Blind


 Winter 2015 Our Mississippi

Winter 2015

  • Advancing the nation's Mississippi River IQ
  • Geomorphology & Potomology: A team effort
  • Some Sentiments About Sediment
  • Meet Captain Eads
  • Army Corps helps tern return


 Spring 2015 Our Mississippi.

Spring 2015

  • Picture of Success
  • Corps archeologist oversees restoration of Arlington National Cemetery gates
  • Memphis is jazzing up its riverfront
  • River Power: Companies take new look at Mississippi River hydropower



Summer 2015 Our Mississippi newsletter.

Summer 2015

  • Mammoth find in watershed
  • Biologists go to bat for endangered creatures of the night
  • Engineering with nature yields lush results on river island
  • Corps ranger wins prestigious environmental education award
  • Shoal Chub: Made for the Mississippi


 Fall 2015 issue of Our Mississippi.

Fall 2015

  • The river gets a D+
  • Submit your best river photos
  • The Bears are back
  • Saving the river mussels

 Spring 2016 issue of Our Mississippi.

Spring 2016

  • As the river flows
  • Restoration Program key to species comeback
  • Migration celebration

 Spring 2017

  • Celebrate the Year of Trails along the Mississippi River
  • Sediment resettlement
  • Mayfly, the Invasion
  • Mayors push for Mississippi River infrastructure investment
  • Giving wildlife new life

Summer 2017

  • Daredevil on Two Boards still inspires river fun
  • Citizen volunteers help with goose banding
  • Every Kid in a Park
  • Army Corps protects "Windows onto the Past"
  • St. Louis archeologist makes stunning African find