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Regional discipline, resolve, trust help MVD leaders hammer out future focus areas

Published Nov. 8, 2016

Maj. Gen. Wehr pulled his Commanders and Senior Leaders together for the regional summit meeting (R5) in Vicksburg on Nov. 2 - 4 to help them work more effectively as a regional team, to solve difficult challenges with a disciplined approach, and to cover gaps for each other as required by changing mission demands.

To achieve this goal, the MVD Team will attempt to unleash the potential for every person in the Division by sharing willingly and stealing shamelessly the best practices available.  After intense discussions and debate, MVD’s Commanders and Senior Leaders arrived at the following FY17 Focus Areas.

Strengthen the Foundation (Doing the routine things to an exceptionally high standard, routinely.)

Deliver the Program (The most strategic thing we can do is deliver our mission…keep our promises.)

Achieve our Vision (Leading ourselves into an unknowable future…together.  Our compelling, better tomorrow.)