Mississippi Valley Division Awards Day

Published June 13, 2013

VICKSBURG, Miss. - The Mississippi Valley Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, held its annual awards ceremony June 13, 2013, where the following awards were presented:


The Blankenship awards are among the highest honorary awards presented to Mississippi Valley Division employees by the local commander. The awards cover three categories:  engineer/scientist, professional and technical/administrative. Established in 1987, they remember and honor the commitment, dedication and knowledge of the long-time Mississippi Valley Division Executive Assistant who died in 1973.

Engineer/Scientist Award

Mrs. Susan K. Smith received the Ernest P. Blankenship Engineer/Scientist Award for the superior performance of her duties as Deputy Chief of Planning and the New Orleans District Support Team.

During 2012, Mrs.  Smith completed more than 30 planning decision document reviews within the established timeframes and provided advice and assistance on countless other studies and projects, legislative drafting services, watershed pilot study proposals, Water Resources Development Act proposals and budget documents.

Throughout the year, Mrs. Smith’s expertise was requested for several national teams to improve the quality and delivery of planning products. She also facilitated development of regional planning classes to enable division planners to receive vital basic planning training at reduced cost and actively promoted the national Planning Associates program, personally encouraging division participation and guiding preparation of application packages.

Lastly, Mrs. Smith diligently solicited division nominations for national planning awards, and the Mississippi Valley Division won both national planning awards presented in 2012.

Professional Award

Mrs. Andrea L. Day received the Ernest P. Blankenship Professional Award for the superior performance of her duties as a Program Analyst in the Business Management Division.

During the past year, Mrs. Day was instrumental in evaluation of the Corps’ Program & Project Management Information System (P2) program, developed initiatives to address gaps, and quickly worked with division and district leaders and P2 coordinators to improve data quality and regional confidence.

Mrs. Day also served as the Civil Works USACE Program Manager for the P2 National Team to resolve helpdesk tickets, evaluate changes in Oracle Financial Analyzer and P2 from the civil works perspective, as well as working with national teams on all software system issues.

She is recognized as a national leader in the area of P2, as evidence by the fact that Corps headquarters routinely requests her input on key issues. In addition, Maj. Gen. Todd T. Semonite, the Corps’ Deputy Commander, acknowledged her for her contributions to improving P2 at both the regional and national levels.

Administrative Award

Mrs. Susan R. Williams received the Ernest P. Blankenship Administrative Award for the superior performance of her duties as the Administrative Support Assistant for the New Orleans District Support Team.

During the past year, Mrs. Williams intensely worked with the New Orleans District Support Team staff to develop and monitor the office budget, ensuring appropriate funds were available for use in a timely manner and that charging was executed appropriately.

She handled all travel orders, vouchers and arrangements for her team and always delivered on time with accurate information.

In addition, her administrative support in the preparation of the bi-annual MVD Regional Planning Conference was instrumental during the planning stage of the conference.

Mrs. Williams willingly shared her experience and knowledge regarding Human Resources processes, budget development and monitoring, how to use the mandatory office supply ordering system, and various Corps operating systems with any and all personnel at MVD headquarters.


Ms. Glenda C. Jackson was the recipient of the Commander’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity. Ms. Jackson is chief of the Civil Works Integration Division and deputy to the Director of Programs.

During the past year, Ms. Jackson sought out every opportunity to provide developmental assignments in the Mississippi Valley Division to minorities, women and disabled individuals. She has been with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for more than 30 years and has proven her dedication to meeting EEO goals and objectives of equality and fairness for all individuals. In addition, Ms. Jackson went out of her way to encourage underserved groups to apply for details and developmental assignments and vacant positions within her area of responsibility.


15 employees, representing 335 years of federal service, received length of service certificates ranging from five to 35 years of service.


Bob Anderson

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