2011 Mississippi River Flood Report now available

Published Feb. 25, 2013

February 25, 2013 – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi Valley Division, has just released two 2011 post flood evaluation documents:

1.     The Mississippi River & Tributaries 2011 Post Flood Report, which is a 350-page technical report that documents the 2011 Mississippi River flood, the Corps’ response and the performance of the MR&T system. It contains a series of ten appendices which provide several thousand pages of supporting data and documentation. This comprehensive internal technical assessment evaluates the performance of individual MR&T system components and how well the individual components were utilized and operated as a system to manage the complex set of risks presented by the 2011 Flood. The report concludes with recommendations for improvements and future studies to aid MR&T recovery efforts as well as future system operation, management and flood fight activities. Due to size and printing costs, this report is only available on CD from your nearest Corps of Engineers district office or the Mississippi Valley Division Public Affairs Office.

2.     Room for the River, which is a 32-page summary of facts, figures and lessons learned from the 2011 Flood. The document includes images and condensed narratives focused on key themes and hot topics surrounding the 2011 Flood and recovery efforts. To request a hard copy, you may contact the nearest Corps of Engineers district office or Mississippi Valley Division Public Affairs Office.

Both documents may be viewed or downloaded from:


This web page also has links to the MVD Commander’s Letter of Introduction, overview papers, 2011 Flood recovery presentation and additional resources.       


Mississippi Valley Division

Release no. 13-006