Thomas A. Holden, Jr., P.E.

Regional Business Director

Published July 31, 2014

Mr. Thomas A. Holden Jr. was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in September 2014 and serves as the Regional Business Director for the Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) and the Mississippi River Commission (MRC), US Army Corps of Engineers.  He provides executive strategic leadership and technical expertise for the Division and its six districts located in Minneapolis-St Paul, MN; Rock Island, IL; St Louis, MO; Memphis, TN; Vicksburg, MS; and New Orleans, LA in operating as a Regional Business Center (RBC).  Mr. Holden serves as principal advisor to the Commander, MVD, and the President, MRC, for engineering, design, construction and project management across a 12-state region from the US-Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico for navigation, flood risk management, water supply, hydropower and ecosystem restoration.  He oversees strategic direction and financial operations of the Region leading strategic initiatives, and monitoring and coordinating implementation.  He directs the MVD Business Resource, Business Management, Business Technical, Watershed, and Contracting Divisions.  This responsibility encompasses all civil work programs with a current construction placement exceeding $1.3 billion and is managed by a workforce of 3,500.


During a detail as Acting Chief of Engineering and Construction at Headquarters from Aug 22-Dec 16, 2017, Mr. Holden established requirements and implemented actions to improve Department of Veterans Affairs and MILCON Hospital programs, streamline national section 408 permissions for non-federal entities to modify federal projects, and refine national levee inspection criteria. He leveraged opportunities to improve relationships with Army Staff, Enterprise science and technology centers, other agencies and external partners to deliver Military Program, Inter-agency and International Support Program and Civil Works Program furthering national security.


During a detail as Director of Puerto Rico Grid Power Restoration Program from Dec 7, 2017 – Feb 10, 2018, Mr. Holden established a program management division for oversight for the $1.91B emergency power restoration mission in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Mr. Holden presented the framework adopted by FEMA to define USACE mission completion for transmission, sub-transmission and distribution systems, and also revamped the $280M BOM program to ensure delivery supported the work, thereby ensuring USACE met the Chief of Engineers goal of 95% restoration by end of Mar 2018. During his deployment, Mr. Holden actions resulted in an increase from 35% to 75% power restoration for the 1.473 million pre-storm energy clients.